Monthly Archive: June 2010

Certiport Acquires MeasureUp 0

Certiport Acquires MeasureUp

Certiport has announced that it has acquired MeasureUp LLC. Even though MeasureUp software is not considered a very useful exam preparation tool compared to it’s competitors, they must have made some kind of deal with Microsoft because Microsoft requires their Certified Partners for Learning Solutions (CPLS’) to only offer MeasureUp...

Virtual Migration Environment (VME) for Project 2010 and SharePoint 2010 0

Virtual Migration Environment (VME) for Project 2010 and SharePoint 2010

Virtual Environment which enables Microsoft Office Project Server 2003 and Office SharePoint Portal Server 2003 customers to migrate to 2010 versions of the respective products. The Virtual Migration Environment is a set of two virtual disks that provide Office Project Server 2007 and Office SharePoint Server 2007 environments, sample content,...

Maritime VSAT Connectivity Solution 0

Maritime VSAT Connectivity Solution

How do you connect to the rest of the world when you are out on the sea in the middle of nowhere? Well, vessels at sea can now operate as remote offices and enjoy always-on, high-speed broadband connectivity used on land. iDirect is one company that offers a satellite-based IP...