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June 29, 2010

Is iPhone 4 a Lemon?

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Today I read Jason O’Grady’s review of his iPhone 4 on ZDNet titled “My iPhone 4 is a lemon, oh my!” With all the horror stories about Apple’s iPhone, from being notorious as one of the most hackable phone on the market today to the disastrous service from AT&T that iPhone users have experienced, it’s no surprise that iPhone 4 will not be winning any awards or raving reviews any time soon from Jason O’Grady, a respected  journalist and author who specializes in mobile technology. Jason has published six books on Apple and mobile gadgets so if he says his iPhone is a lemon I absolutely believe him. Here a are a few selected quotes from his article on ZDNet. Make sure you read his entire article.

“Say what you will about the iPhone 4, but mine’s a lemon. Reviewers have called it “the best smartphone,” “worth upgrading” and “game changing,” but they’re all bogus superlatives that don’t apply to mine. Sure, it looks great, it’s all shiny and gorgeous, but what good is a phone that can’t make phone calls?

Dropped calls. My experience was bad almost from the beginning. The first five calls that I made — business calls, mind you — resulted in dropped calls. I began my iPhone 4 experience by apologizing to my client for the phone problems. Not good.”

Signal loss. My next bad experience was the “death grip” issue, where simply holding the i4 would degrade its signal from a solid five bars to one or zero (my video of the flaw is here). Holding it wrong? No. The antennas are in the wrong location. Apple completely missed the boat on this obvious defect and flaw in the design.”

Proximity sensor. My iPhone 4 constantly mutes, holds or switches to FaceTime when it touches my face. Clearly a problem with the iPhone’s proximity sensor.”

Custom ringtones. I had to fight with my iPhone to get my custom ringtones to sync and since then it’s been downhill from there. My ringtones keep playing in a stuttered loop after I answer the call. I hear a garbled version of my ringtone ringing after I answer the call. The only solution is to hang up and call the person back.”

Battery life. For the all hype around battery life on the iPhone 4, I’m not seeing it. I charged mine overnight, unplugged it at around 8 am and got the 20 percent battery warning before 6pm. I wasn’t using it excessively mind you, nothing out of my normal usage pattern (brightness at about 50 percent) but I was using Wi-Fi and Bluetooth intermittently throughout the day.”

Check out the complete article here. You might also be interested in Sharee English’s blog “To iPhone or not to iPhone.” I am not saying that everyone iPhone user has trouble with their iPhone but a lot of people believe that iPhone is way over hyped, is over priced and there are definitely some serious issues with service and security. It’s not the greatest thing since sliced bread as Apple would like you to believe. Just Bing or Google “iPhone horror stories” and see what I mean.

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