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June 7, 2009

What is Windows Server 2008 Foundation?

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Windows Server 2008 (WS08) Foundation is a newer version of WS08 with limited capabilities. It enables core  resources, such as file and print sharing, remote access, and security. It provides a network foundation that allows you to centrally manage Windows computers in your network.

The idea with this edition of WS08 is that as your business grows, you can upgrade WS08 Foundation to another version of Windows Server. WS08 Foundation will typically come pre-installed with your server hardware so you don’t need to get the hardware and then install the operating system separately.

Although the core features of WS08 Foundation are the same as the other versions, there ares some major differences that you should be aware of before deploying WS08 Foundation. For example, WS08 Foundation only allows you to create up to 15 user accounts that can access and use the server software. Each user account that you create will allow one user, using any device, to access the server. If you have more than 15 users then you need to upgrade your version of WS08. I should point out that although WS08 Foundation supports up to 30 simultaneous connections, the End User License Agreement (EULA) for WS08 Foundation only supports a maximum of 15 user accounts.

Here’s a comparison that will help you determine if WS08 Foundation is the right choice for you.

Comparison of WS08 Foundation to other editions of WS08

Feature Foundation Server Standard Server Web Server Enterprise Server
X86 Sockets 0 4 4 8
X64 Sockets 1 4 4 8
RAM: 64-bit platforms 8 GB 32 GB 32 GB 2 TB
Failover Cluster Nodes 0 0 0 16
Network Access Connections (RRAS) 50 250 0 Unlimited
Network Access Connections (NPS) 10 50 0 Unlimited
Terminal Services Gateway Connections 50 250 0 Unlimited

For a more detailed explanation of each feature, check out this link:

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