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September 12, 2008

How to Change the Title Displayed in the Browser for a Top Level SharePoint Site

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Some things in SharePoint seem simple but they are not. Others seem too complicated but turn out to be much simple. One thing that seems to be confusing for a lot of people has to do with changing the title of the top level SharePoint site that is displayed in the browser.

Let’s say your top level SharePoint site is called “Intranet.” By default, the title displayed in the browser is called “Home.”  When users add the site to their browser as a Favorite or drag it to the Links toolbar, it would add it as “Home”, which is too generic, instead of something more specific like “SeattlePro Intranet.” Changing Title, description, and Icon under Site Actions, Site Settings, Modify All Settings only changes the title on the Web page, not in the browser.

To change the title from the default Home to something else that’s more specific (e.g. SeattlePro Intranet) follow the steps described below.

1. Open the top level site.

2. On the home page click Site Actions, Edit Page.

3. Click on the Page drop-down button and select Page Settings.

[NOTE: The template that I am using is a MOSS template called Collaboration which is available on the Publishing tab when you create a site collection.]

4. In the Page Title and Description section click in the Title box and change the title to the one you want. In our example I changed it to “SeattlePro Intranet.”

5. Click OK.

6. Publish the page or exit out of the editing mode (depending on which template you are using).

7. Notice the new page title for the top level site is now SeattlePro Intranet in the browser. Also, when added to the Links toolbar it says SeattlePro Intranet instead of just Home.

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