Microsoft’s Billion Dollar Products

Microsoft has several products that are generating good revenue for their business. Mary Jo Foley recently published this article that has more details. Most of the heavy hitters are big names but SharePoint definitely stands out.

There are over dozens products in this select group that generate over a $1 billion a year in sales for Microsoft, including the following products listed in alphabetical order.

    1.  Azure
    2.  Developer Tools
    3.  Dynamics (ERP & CRM)
    4.  Office
    5.  Online display and search advertising.
    6.  SharePoint (crossed the $2 billion mark in 2012)
    7.  SQL Server
    8.  System Center
    9.  Unified Communications
    10. Windows
    11. Xbox

    SharePoint is supposedly the only product that have crossed the $2 billion mark. If I am not mistaken, SharePoint was also the first product to cross the $1 billion in sales. You can bet all the tea in China that Office365 will be added to this list shortly.

    For more information on this topic, check out Mary Jo Foley’s article. She also has some other interesting stuff in her article.

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